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Where home and elegance collide.

At Signed Sealed Sold - Home Staging we focus on emotion as our aim is to make potential buyers fall in love with your home in the first 30 seconds. We want them to walk through the door and imagine themselves living there.

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Welcome to Signed Sealed Sold!

We take pride in preparing your home for sale, ensuring it will stand out in the real estate sector. We research the market and the neighbourhood, to maximise the appeal over the competition. 90% of the population are unable to visualise what a home can look like furnished so by styling it for sale, buyers can suddenly see themselves moving in. It is a proven fact that home staged properties sell for more money and in a lot less time than empty properties.

"Heidi and her team were so efficient, and together did a wonderful job of presenting our house for sale. Heidi began imagining how she would do the job from first encounter."

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